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All Bengal Yoga Doctor’s Association [ABYDA]
A Government Registered unit Of M & D Developmental Trust [ MDDT ]
Reg.No- 06555/14

Aims and Objectives:

1. To promote and establish, set up, run, support, data collection for making Individual Traditional Yogic Autobiography, Yoga Museum, State Yoga Museum and Indian Yoga Museum and World Yoga Museum and ,Tribal Yoga-Naturopathy & Meditation , Prayer of Peace Meditation, Indian Yoga Contest, Yoga Museum News Channel, Yoga Museum Apps, all are projects of All Bengal Yoga Doctor’s Association [ABYDA].

2. To promote, establish, Develop Yoga Education and Yoga as a sports and culture in school level to other community society.

3. Motivation of general people about the importance of regular practice Yogasana and meditation and its benefits.

4. To promote, establish Yogasana competition among different ages groups in rural area to international level.

5. To promote and establish daily Lifestyle modification and physical fitness management and Physical Therapy Management.

6. To promote and establish our Physical Mental and Spiritual Health Development through Yoga and Naturopathy and all others need base alternative therapy.

7. To promote and establish first aid, home nursing, hygiene and sanination, mother and child craft management training.

8. To promote and establish autoimmune disease (specially Ankylosing Spondylitis , Rheumatoid arthritis gout) management, stroke, diabetes and other hormonal disorder management , High Blood Pressure Control Management, mental and physical stress management, asthama and breathing difficulty management.

9. To promote and establish audio visual education on various subjects.

10. To promote and establish multilingual training.

11. To promote and establish Breakout study,elderly education,female education and Mass education.

12. To promote and establish development , educational and cultural films /documentary.

13. To publish and or publishing books, pamphlets periodicals and news paper in India or outside for the speared and advancement of education and culture.

14. To promote and establish, run, organise CME programs.

15. To assist a person to live a balanced control peaceful and healthy life.

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